Welcome to the International Marine Simulator Forum

The IMSF is an organization for professionals involved in the advancement of maritime education, training and research through the use of simulation. Objectives are to provide an effective medium for the interchange of ideas, develop performance criteria for the use of simulators and to collaborate with all other organizations involved in maritime simulation.

In order to achieve these objectives it is customary that at least once a year a general meeting with seminar is held at one of the members premises. Technical tours and visits to simulator facilities are then included. Once every three years a formal conference, the so called International MARSIM Conference, is organized at which official presentations are given and proceedings published. These proceedings form a source of information for anyone searching for knowledge on the topic of maritime simulation.

The IMSF was established in 1978 and at the founding meeting 7 organizations were present. At the present time the membership consists of nearly 100 members from countries in all continents. Whereas the founding members were all operators of large shiphandling simulators of the past generations, the intention is now to involve users and manufacturers of all applications of marine simulation.

As we see an ever increasing growth in the application of marine simulation we have strong belief in the growing importance of the IMSF. Assistance to any organizations and individuals who seek advice on use and manufacturing of marine simulators, will thus become an important task for IMSF.

Should you have any questions relating to IMSF or marine simulation, please feel free to ask any of the contact persons who will be happy to help you further.

Prof. Capt. Stephen Cross, PhD, FNI
Chairman of IMSF